The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

By Dr. John C. Ford

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We can tell you all about Dr. Ford’s qualifications, the science, our staff, and expertise. But nothing is as convincing as the smile of someone who has experienced it first-hand. Below you’ll see some happy faces, just a few of the patients we’ve served, and we’ll let them tell you in their own words what Dr. Ford has done for them.

Dan Payne

Dr. Ford is the Smile Man!

I constantly have colleagues and strangers tell me how nice my smile and teeth appear.

My photo has appeared in several publications because of “the smile”. Also, I am much more confident in my professional public speaking. Also, every time I see a different hygienist for cleaning, they comment on what a great job Dr. Ford did.

One of my trade organizations has asked me to do a fitness session at their next conference. They felt my appearance offered a positive note of youthfulness.

I would say, if you’re in any professional field, people judge you. Dr. Ford is the smile man!

Your initial investment will be returned many times over because of how people judge you.

Dan Payne - Before Dan Payne - After

Before and After

Amy Matthews

I love to smile now!

My teeth were breaking off due to grinding them at night. The grinding was always a problem, but I began to experience much worse side effects from it.

I sleep better, don’t grind my teeth, and don’t have any of the other side effects that I was having, even the arm tingling from the elbows down when I slept.

I have had so many compliments. Not just that my teeth are pretty, but things like… What have you done, you look so great, younger, more awake, you name it, I’ve heard it over the last week. VERY excited about them.

I’ve needed this for so long and look forward to enjoying the teeth for years to come.

Amy Matthews - Before Amy Matthews - After

Before and After

Gary Tatge

I wish I had visited Dr. Ford years ago.

I am extremely excited about the results. I had no idea that something like this could be done without years of braces and dental work. Two visits and I have an amazing new smile.

In most dental offices you feel like you are on an assembly line, one patient after another all day long. In Dr. Ford’s office you get very personalized service from the moment you walk in the front door. As a new patient, I was shown around and introduced to everyone on the staff. The consult with Dr. Ford was extremely detailed and he took as much time as necessary to make sure I knew exactly what to expect, and he communicated his initial impressions as to how he would address my clinical situation. On the next visit I actually got see a picture of what the outcome should look like. My only reservation was that I found it difficult to believe he could actually fulfill the expectations that the photographs showed. As it turned out, Dr. Ford actually exceeded the results showed in the photographs. I still find myself looking in the mirror at my new smile… and find it hard to believe he actually did it.

I have been embarrassed about my smile for at least 50 years, and after that much time, those feelings shape the way you perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you. If you lack confidence with your smile, I believe it shows that you lack confidence as a person, and it affects all aspects of your life, professionally and personally.

I am the President of a medical company and I am frequently speaking in front of large groups of employees as well as the public. Many times, I also have my picture taken as the primary “face” of my company. I have immediately experienced a renewed level of self-confidence with the smile makeover I received, and I can even tell my personality has opened up with more engaging laughter and a new friendly smile that better represents how I feel inside… but was always embarrassed to openly show. Everything is very different now, thanks to Dr. Ford.

I have already recommended Dr. Ford to several people, and it’s really very easy to describe his services to people that have known me for years… I just smile at them.

Gary Tatge - Before Gary Tatge - After

Before and After

Susan Matthews

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I can really smile now! Before, I was so self-conscience about smiling!

I am much more confident, especially at work.

I have recommended Dr. Ford. I have sent several to your website.

Dr. Ford and the staff is WONDERFUL!!! Very friendly and caring and you can tell it’s Genuine!

Susan Matthews - Before Susan Matthews - After

Before and After

More Comments from Real Patients

I could not be more delighted with my new smile!

You won’t believe what it will do for you, inside and out!

The results made me so happy – I would definitely do it all over again – Thanks again!

Friends tell me how nice my skin looks – (it’s my teeth!)

an artist’s touch

I receive unexpected compliments, many from people I’ve just met, about my smile.

Someone said to me, “Kathy, you look so young! Have you had a facelift?”

Self confidence has improved and making good eye contact is difficult with poor teeth.

Always felt self-conscious about my smile, and now I do not!

People have told me I look ten years younger!

I had a meeting in Minneapolis last Friday and met a new group of people. I found that I was much more confident when meeting them as I greeted them with a big smile. It felt good.

I am confident in expressing happiness, which in turn changes the perception of others i.e. they think you’re happier (and I am).

The results exceeded my high expectations!

Dr. Ford exhibits the highest level of customer orientation imaginable. He and his professional and caring staff imbue a sense of confidence that allows one to overcome their fear and anxiety. He has my highest recommendation.

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